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About Primary Treasure Chest


Primary Treasure Chest is run by myself Paul and my wife Zoe. We went live in July 2010 and provide HIGH quality primary school teaching resources online  to download.


About us:

Zoe is a  primary school teacher and is currently in her thirteenth year of teaching in Swansea, and I was previously a web designer for six years.Paul and Zoe


Why did we do this site?

Zoe came up with idea for ‘Primary Treasure Chest’ one evening, when I was helping her to create a double-mounted effect on some display questions.  She said that it would be great,  if I could design a website where all primary practitioners could have access to double-mounted effect classroom banners, display letters, words, display banners, questions and flashcards etc.. and the rest as they say is history.


Who does what?

Zoe is the brains of the operation. She has the ideas and organises everything, I then implement her ideas onto the website.


Why don't we charge for our primary school teaching resources?

We did charge at the start but by having our online resources readily available so everybody can use them, this will bring more people and help to create a big community website with a wealth of online resources, recommendations and ideas.


How can you help us?

At the end of the day we do need to bring in money. this site as you can imagine is a lot of work and it takes up all my time, so there are many things you can do to help us:

  1. Tell your friends and colleagues about this site
  2. Make a small donation via the facility (Buy me a cuppa) on left column on site
  3. Join our Facebook page
  4. Buy ANY books/products through us, just click on the book you want and then buy it at Amazon, we will then get a small commission. It could be any item at all, as long as you get to Amazon via clicking a book/link on our site which will take you there. Go to Amazon.

The more people who use this site the longer we can afford to continue to make and provide these high quality learning activities / teaching resources.  


Our aim:

Our main aim for ‘Primary Treasure Chest’ is to make it one of the biggest primary school downloadable teaching resource websites on the market and make it a popular alternative to Sparklebox.





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