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***Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle 2020  ***

We are proud to be supporting the Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle 2020  by providing lots of FREE printables.

#ChristmasEveJingle #ChristmasEveJingle2020 #WorldwideJingle2020

The Christmas Eve Jingle is taking place throughout the world from the comfort of everyone’s doorsteps / places of work at 6pm (wherever you are) on 24th December! 

Everyone is encouraged to ring their bells for 2 minutes to spread the spirit of Christmas throughout their local community, and to help power Santa’s sleigh with the magic of Christmas cheer! 

Please help to end what has been an extremely challenging year by playing a part in creating magical memories, togetherness and hope for the future.

If you have any resource requests please contact us.


Lots of FREE resources available throughout the website! 😊

To access ALL our resources just subscribe for only £8.99 a year! Please just Click HERE

Our Maths Resources Section contains Number LinesNumber Shape, Flik-flak, Problem Solving activities, Maths Area resources, Challenges to list a few. Plus many multi-sensory maths/numeracy activity ideas. FREE Digit Dog Maths Challenges by Lynwen Barnsley Numeracy Consultant.

Our English Resources Section contains many Reading, Writing & Literacy /English/ Reading Area Display resources; ranging from Play Dough Mats, Nursery Rhymes, Traditional Stories, and high quality colourful Role Play Masks. Also a selection of multi-sensory phonic readiness/literacy themed activity ideas.

Our Information Communication Technology / I.C.T. Resources Section contains Display/Computer/ICT Area resources and a variety of Bee-Bot Mats, Jackets, Markers and Cones and ICT Drawing Challenges to help improve children’s IT skills in all areas of the curriculum. 

Our Topics & Celebrations Resources section covers a selection of topics from Robert Burns to Minibeasts, and a variety of Religious Festivals such as Easter and Historical Events. Our Celebrations & Events Calendar is a great planning tool. Check out our great selection of multi-sensory topic related activity ideas

Our Phonics Resources covers all letter sounds a-z. You will find a huge selection of letter sound themed Problem Solving resources, Shapes, Numbers and Pre-writing activities. Plus many multi-sensory phonic readiness/literacy themed activity ideas.

Our Display Lettering Resources section contains many themed mounted effect display letters, symbols, characters and 0-9. These resources are on Word documents, to enable you to re-size if required and copy & paste onto a second (new) Word document to create a display heading in any language.

Our Role Play Resources Section, covers numerous topics and contains a variety of teaching aids, such as clocks to teach about time, role play money and shopping vouchers to help children with their counting skills. Many of the resources have an editable version to enable you to convert the resource into your chosen font / language.

Our Classroom Organisation Resources Section contains Classroom Area Signs, Posters, Classroom Equipment, Classroom Door Signs, Coat Hook Labels, Registration Name Cards, Pupil Drawer Labels and Pupil Work Labels. Many have editable versions to enable you to convert the resource into your chosen font / language.