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Head of Marketing

Paul is in charge of the marketing department. It is his job to try and tell everybody about Primary Treasure Chest. Paul is responsible for the blogs and posts on TES, Facebook, Twitter etc."I just want to reach out across the world and tell everyone about our great teaching resources".

Head of I.T. Department

Computers sometimes have a mind of their own and it is Pauls job to keep the website running, adding new features and making sure this great teaching resource website keeps running smoooooothly. Paul is the geek of the bunch and loves playing with all types of I.T. gadgets. "The other Pauls have a giggle at my geeky antics, but we do have a laugh in the office and like to wind each other up".

Head of Design

This website is all about images on resources and it is Pauls job to design our lovely images, then put them on a resource ready for the site. "I love this job, making fun images is great. I am the serious Paul of the office, the others look up to me for leadership and inspiration. We do have fun in the office but I then crack the whip and we get back to the job in hand, making wonderful teaching resources".

Head of Resources

Paul helps Paul putting images onto resources, then it is Pauls job to put the resources on the website. "It is a great place to work with the Pauls, we have a blast in the office and adding these primary resources for the teachers to use, makes me feel like we are providing a great service for all the hard working teachers out there".


Whenever you email us, it is Pauls job to respond and deal with all the communications. We get many requests from users about making a teaching resource, Paul will email back and make sure the resource gets made and added to the site. He also is in charge of sorting out the advertising for the site, which is one of the ways that helps us to continue to provide teaching resources. "We have so many nice emails from teachers who love our site, I show the other Paul's and it gives us that extra boost, keep them coming".

Odd Jobs / Chief tea & coffee maker

You could say Paul is the backbone of the organisation. He makes the tea for the Pauls, fetch the things that need fetching and any other vital jobs that need doing.  "This place would crumble without me, I am probably the most important person here.".