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An exciting new resource in association with happy egg co. to help 7-11 year-olds make informed choices about food whilst improving their literacy skills.

Designed to support the delivery of the science, D&T, literacy and art & design curriculum, pupils will also get the chance to show off their creative skills with a comic strip design competition. The winner will get the chance to see their creation brought to life by a professional comic book artist!

The first 150 schools to sign-up will receive free printed resource packs. All the complimentary teaching resources are also available online, helping guide students through developing a slogan, designing a poster advert and creating a catch jingle. With Happy Eggventures, learning has never been so fun!

You can find out more and register to the programme here:

Eggventure - fun, new KS2 resources! Eggventure - fun, new KS2 resources!

Help KS2 pupils to make informed food choices and improve their literacy skills with a fun comic strip competition. Register for free Happy Eggventures resources today here:

Teach 7-11 year-olds about the importance of healthy food choices with the new, free, curriculum-linked Happy Eggventures resource. Find out more here:

Eggventure - fun, new KS2 resources!