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Designed for upper KS2/Second pupils across the UK,  this is a new literacy resource that guides teachers through a cross-cultural journey in animated film.


The resource makes setting up – and running – a new Into Film club easy and fun and offers teachers the following:
•           Advice for setting up and running a new film club
•           Fun activity suggestions with simple ideas for making short animations
•           ‘Recommended viewing’ list of animated films available through the Into Film catalogue

The first 200 teachers to register for the resources will also receive a free DVD of Pixar shorts and by setting up a film club, teachers will enjoy the following benefits:
•         Access to a library of 4,000 DVDs to use in class, for after-school clubs, for lunch-time film clubs and more
•         Access to a huge bank of learning and teaching materials that use film to engage learners across all core curriculum subjects


Register now for this literacy based animation resource and start to enjoy an Into Film club in your school.