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Written by: Naomi Webb 

Getting children to learn can be tricky at the best of times but you’ll forever be fighting a losing battle if you can’t keep them motivated.

How do teachers ensure that their pupils are on track and motivated to learn as much as possible throughout the school day?


First and foremost, it’s about variety. Whether it’s with group and solo work, practical tasks or switching from pen and paper to iPad – smart teachers make sure they mix things up to keep their class on track. The ability to be flexible and creative enough to do this is a requisite for those taking primary school teaching jobs.

Go outside

That variety can be assisted by taking the children out of the classroom every once in a while. Different surrounds can capture the imagination of children – especially for science and geography lessons where you can use the outdoors to help illustrate and explain tricky concepts. The occasional class trip can also help to provide inspiration for a whole series of lessons.

Accommodate interests

What’s the latest craze going through the classroom? Whether it’s a Disney film or a video game – incorporating this into creative tasks will help to spur children on that bit more. Games and fun activities that the children enjoy can also be used during the school day to keep children fresh and motivated. These can have an educational purpose – helping with counting or vocabulary for example – ensuring that children still learn while they are having fun.

Roles and responsibilities

Children love to be given a little bit of responsibility and the chance to take an active part in school life. As Teach Hub notes, jobs can range from the traditional – cleaning, looking after the class pet – through to the modern – such as blogging.


The displays are an integral part of any classroom. These shouldn’t just be a static wall of completed work – they need to offer the children something of value and help to inspire their future work. This article from the Guardian offers some inspiration from teachers.


Nothing is more dispiriting than working your socks off with little or no appreciation for your efforts. As adults, we all need a little praise from time to time and it’s the same for children. Praising them for the things they do well will help them to feel like their efforts have been worthwhile and show them the value of working hard.

Role of parents

Teachers can only go so far alone – their work has to be backed up at home. If children are encouraged to keep up their good work in the evenings and at weekends, then they will come in to school with a spring in their step and ready to prove how much they have taken on board. They also have a responsibility to provide a diet – with breakfast and packed lunches key – that will help children to have the energy they need to get themselves through the day.

Teachers should aim to strike up a good working relationship with parents to encourage them to play their part.


About the author Naomi Webb 

Naomi Webb is an experienced freelance writer, specialising in the latest teaching tips and trends. She hopes her writing inspires both teachers and parents to provide the best education for children of all abilities and ages.