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The Big BBC Children in Need Spotacular with Lloyds Bank is back and bigger than ever!

This year primary schools are being asked to ‘Make it Spotty’ and raise lots with the power of spots; by wearing spotty clothes, and selling spotty cakes and merchandise, all to raise money to help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.


Pupils will also participate in 2017’s exclusive fundraising challenge Pudsey’s Round Pound Countdown, collecting old round pound coins that go out of circulation on 15 October and seeing how many their school can get for BBC Children in Need.


Children in Need Spotacular        Children in Need Spotacular


The Big Spotacular has a host of new online resources for this year, including advice to support SEND learning and school council tips, as well as updated curriculum-linked lesson content. Participation in fundraising last year proved to have a positive impact on pupils’ teamwork, communication and confidence skills, so there are plenty of educational benefits.


Register for your FREE Spotacular Fundraising Kit, stuffed full of goodies including a flatpack money box, posters and stickers.