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A5 Calculating Cat Flik-flak

A5 Calculating Cat Flik-flak Click Image to Enlarge

Flik-flaks are a versatile resource that can be used for daily practice of counting and remembered facts.

In small group situations, each child can have a flik-flak and respond to “show me….” questions. In whole class sessions, the adult can use the flik-flak as a focus for practising number bonds and calculation skills.

Use the flik-flaks to practise:



-Number bonds within 10

-Multiplication tables

-Using mathematical language

-Developing reasoning skills


Print this Calculating Cat flik-flak onto paper, laminate and fold along the black lines. Now you’re ready to go!

For more information on using flik – flaks please follow Lynwen Barnsley, Numeracy Consultant and creator of Digit Dog Maths Challenges blog.

 For more Flik-flak resources, please click HERE


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