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Chinese Mid-Autumn / Moon Festival Resources

Chinese Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese people. The festival is to celebrate the end of the fall harvest. To help teach about different festivals and celebrations around the world, we have made many Chinese festival resources for teachers to use when teaching children about the Chinese Moon Festival. The Chinese themed display lettering has been made available on a Word document, to enable you to re-size if required and cut & paste onto a second (new) Word document. Many of the resources below, have editable versions to enable you to convert the resource into your chosen font / language. These editable resources are great to use, especially if you teach a foreign language. The Chinese themed posters and flashcards have been given a time saving double mounted effect, which will also save on your school resources. We also have matching cards for children to match up, great to help motivate children and keep them busy. 

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