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Christmas Themed Resources

To support learning through celebrations, festivals and different cultures from around the world, we have many Christmas resources for educators to use when teaching about Christmas. We have made many colourful fun and religious Christmas printables, such as page borders, activities, number lines and Christmas role play resources for a a Foundation Phase / Early Years classroom. We hope you find the below Christmas resources both time saving and useful.

We are proud to be supporting the Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle by providing lots of FREE printables.

The Christmas Eve Jingle is taking place throughout the world from the comfort of everyone’s doorsteps / places of work at 6pm (wherever you are) on 24th December! 

Everyone is encouraged to ring their bells for 2 minutes to spread the spirit of Christmas throughout their local community, and to help power Santa’s sleigh with the magic of Christmas cheer! 

Please help to end what has been an extremely challenging year by playing a part in creating magical memories, togetherness and hope for the future by:

  • Displaying posters promoting this event in your front windows and around your local communities
  • Joining / following the #ChristmasEveJingle #ChristmasEveJingle #WorldwideJingle #Worldwidechristmasevejingle Facebook groups / events/ pages 
  • Support us on Facebook by tagging your Facebook friends throughout the world and sharing our Facebook posts
  • Please also support us share our Christmas Eve Jingle posts on Twitter and Instagram

If you have any resource requests please contact us.