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Digit Dog

Lynwen is an independent primary numeracy consultant working across the UK. An experienced practitioner, she has taught throughout the primary school, been a deputy head teacher and, most recently, a mathematics adviser where she gained extensive experience of providing training and support for teachers in mathematics and numeracy. She was part of the advisory group that originally developed the Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Lynwen is also a consultant and trainer for Numicon and Inspire Maths.  

Lynwen firmly believes that effective teaching places the learner at the centre of the process and that in order to learn effectively children need to be engaged, active and talking about their learning and thinking. Digit Dog is one of the strategies Lynwen has developed to enthuse and engage young learners in mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem solving. For more information on Digit Dog or to contact Lynwen please CLICK HERE   

"These are fantastic! They are really clear as guides for teachers and give nice ideas for how to run the session. I like the stages of the activity and the way each leaflet follows the same pattern - gives a great structure that once used a few times will help teachers embed the process of teaching reasoning. I can see how the children would be able to use reading behaviours during this type of session too - APK, self-monitoring, connections etc. The Oracy opportunities are strong also - language of description, explanation, instruction, all in a fun context. I love Digit Dog's image - he looks amazing and will really appeal to the Foundation Phase”.
Mari Hockin Deputy Headteacher, Birchgrove Primary, Swansea and Former Head of Curriculum Support Unit, City and County of Swansea. 

More resources coming very soon. Please keep checking this page. 


Digit Dog Two Dice Maths Challenge

Two Dice Maths Challenge.  Available in both English and Welsh. Two A4 pages, when printed back-to-back fold in half to make an A5 size booklet.

Fonts Available:
Standard Welsh

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