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Fruit Themed Resources

To support healthy eating topics in schools, we have made many fruit themed resources for educators to use when teaching children about the food we eat and food that is good for you. The classroom banner, display words, posters and flashcards have a double mounted effect, which will also save on your school stationary. There are also matching cards with flags, great to help motivate children and keep them busy. Our pineapple number line from 1-50 is great to help teach children maths. The 'We Are Going on a Fruit Hunt' and 'Fruit Tasting' worksheets are great fun classroom activities. The fruit themed page borders are available in portrait and would be very useful for any healthy eating themed literacy work.


Orange Dice Number Shapes

Orange themed dice number shapes. Each square measures approx. 11x11cm and fits perfectly into most large game foam dice with pockets.

Fonts Available:

Orange Number Shapes Cards 0-10

Oranges themed number shapes 0 to 10 matching cards. 4 x A4 landscape sheets.

Fonts Available:

Fruit Themed Playdough Mat

Fruit themed playdough mat A4 sheet, ready to laminate.

Fonts Available:
Standard Welsh
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