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Hidden Spots Maths Challenge

Digit Dog Hidden Spots Maths Challenge Click Image to Enlarge

**FREE to Download** Hidden Spots Maths Challenge.

Digit Dog says “I put one dice on top of another. 7 spots were hidden”.  

Digit Dog thinks “I wonder if I can hide 7 spots in a different way …”.  

Available in both English and Welsh, the two A4 pages, when printed double-sided or stuck back-to-back, fold in half to make an A5 size booklet.   

All the Digit Dog booklets give detailed guidance on how to introduce, complete and extend the challenges with many ideas for developing children’s reasoning and thinking skills. There are sections common to all the challenges that have suggestions for questions, strategies and things to discuss. 

1 Engage in the challenge

2 Do the challenge 

3 Organise your work

4 Explain your thinking

The What if? section suggests ways to extend the problem and new investigations to try. 


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