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Numbers Shapes to Pictures Challenge Card 1-10 Themed Taxi

Numbers Shapes to Pictures Challenge Card Taxi Themed Click Image to Enlarge

'Can you match the number shapes to the correct numbers?'

One A4 portrait Number Shapes and Numbers Matching EYFS Challenge Card, numbers 1 to 10. This Taxi themed Challenge is ideal to place in any Number Shapes and Numbers Area and is ideal to use alongside our Taxi themed Matching Tuff Tray Number Shapes Activity Cards.  This Challenge contains images to help non-readers understand what is expected of them. This colourful challenge card can also be displayed on a London themed display board in any EYFS learning environment. Our mascot 'Peter Parrot' features in all our Challenge posters; if you would like a Peter Parrot lookalike for your classroom, please just scroll down and follow the Amazon link below.

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