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Unicorn Number Line Challenge Poster

Unicorn Number Line Challenge Poster - Serenity the Sweet Dreams Resources Click Image to Enlarge

This Unicorn Number Line Challenge poster is ideal to use with our Unicorn themed number shapes number lines, with the images from the book Serenity The Sweet Dreams Fairy.The high quality images assist with the reading / understanding of the challenge. 

Simply handwrite your text and numbers on the PDF download.

Challenge Ideas!

Can you put the numbers in the correct order?

Can you find all the odd numbers?

Can you count backwards?

For more information about the beautiful story book available to accompany these resources, please read Serenity the Sweet Dreams Fairy article.
We have a great selection of teaching resources to accompany Serenity's story.

Book Written by Rhian Howells- Author for Happily Ever After Swansea
Illustrations by Claire Mabbett: Designs & Illustration
Character & story copyrighted: Natalie Coles
Illustrations copyright: Claire Mabbett


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