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Serenity the Sweet Dreams Fairy book is based on a ‘real life’ fairy created by Natalie Coles from Happily Ever After - Swansea,  illustrated by Claire Mabbett and  written by Rhian Howells especially to help children have ‘sweet dreams’ after reading the story and also for Natalie/Serenity to leave as a gift for children following parties, school/home visits and events. 


Natalie Coles the Creator of Serenity

Natalie lives in Swansea, South Wales, and is a princess party performer who set up Happily Ever After - Swansea three years ago, which specialises in creating magical ‘ Happily Ever After’ moments for children during her many events, school and home visits.  Over the years she has grown her collection of princesses, but wanted to create an original character with a special story, to help children specifically with trouble sleeping, and hopes to add more fairies with other special jobs to help children over the next year.

'Serenity The Sweet Dreams Fairy' Book Resources


Serenity can make special visits to schools to retell the story and answer questions. 

For more information on Happily Ever After - Swansea and how to purchase your very own copy of Serenity the Sweet Dreams Fairy priced at only £6  (excludes P&P) please follow their Facebook Page  or text message Natalie on 07502228645


Serenity the Sweet Dreams FairySerenity Catcher


Serenity is the sweet dreams fairy,

She will help protect you from dreams that are scary,

Her magical dream catchers keep bad dreams away,

And once they are caught that’s where they will stay!

She makes each of the dream catchers gently by hand,

Ties each sparkling web strand by strand.

The feathers that dangle to keep bad dreams away

Are from the tail of the phoenix from Avalon Bay.



Serenity party   Serenity Reading Taken by Rhian


Rhian Howells- Author

Rhian is a primary school teacher from Swansea. She has a passion for story writing and storytelling and this is one of her favourite parts of her job.   Rhian has written two other books; I'm Still Your Auntie and Princess Pirate Pants.   Rhian was delighted when Natalie/Serenity asked for her help to bring Serenity's story to life.  This is a beautiful rhyming story which is perfect for bedtime.

Rhian Howells   Author PHOTO        Serenity book


To find out more about Rhian and other books she has written, please follow her on Facebook.


Claire Mabbett – Designer & illustrator                                                                     

Claire is a designer and illustrator based in Cardiff. She loves to create, and was so excited when Natalie/Serenity asked her to create illustrations for her fairy Serenity.  Please follow Claire’s Facebook page to find out about her work.

Claire Illustrations person DESIGNING Serenity


***NEW Serenity the Sweet Dreams Fairy resources to accompany this story book will be added to this website every Fairy Friday, leading up to the start of the new school year (Sept. 19).   So please remember to visit Serenity’s page every Fairy Friday***

Written by Rhian Howells- Author for Happily Ever After Swansea

Illustrations by Claire Mabbett: Designs & Illustration

Character & story copyrighted: Natalie Coles

Illustrations copyright: Claire Mabbett