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Grow Your Own is a free science-led cross-curricular education programme from Heinz Tomato Ketchup 50% Less Sugar and Salt, helping to make learning fun and exciting for pupils aged 5-7.

Brought to you by Young Great Westerners, Run The Railway is a free, cross-curricular learning programme inspired by the magic of train travel.

 by Sarah Heron 

Quiet Critters 'live' in a transparent jar/container/empty fish tank somewhere visible to the children. They are afraid of noise so they only come out when it's quiet! Each child working quietly is awarded a critter and the critter is placed next to their workspace.

by Lucy Adams

Parents are happy to find out that their child is gifted. They’re happy to see the sprouts of a serious talent that require their support. But when it comes to the child's attempts to express his thoughts, experiences, and feelings through literature, parents are taking it very cautiously. 


By Naomi Webb


Office managers are responsible for what’s spent in classrooms on school supplies. But, if they get it wrong (or don’t have enough money to begin with), teachers often end up having to spend their own money to make up the shortfall. 

 If you want to avoid forking out for your classroom’s school supplies, follow these top tips on stretching your money so that your budget goes further… 


Written by: Naomi Webb 

Getting children to learn can be tricky at the best of times but you’ll forever be fighting a losing battle if you can’t keep them motivated.

How do teachers ensure that their pupils are on track and motivated to learn as much as possible throughout the school day?

The Into Film Festival is a free and annual educational film festival which aims to help educators bring learning to life for 5 –19 year olds by inspiring them to watch, make and understand films in new and creative ways. Taking place from the 4 -21 November in over 500 venues across the UK the festival offers young people a free trip to the cinema and a diverse range of film screenings that are supported by curriculum focused educational resources.


Want to take part in an exciting fundraising initiative for your school and students? This year, Breast Cancer Campaign returns with Wear it Pink a campaign that takes place throughout October with a whole host of fundraising opportunities.