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Designed for upper KS2/Second pupils across the UK,  this is a new literacy resource that guides teachers through a cross-cultural journey in animated film.

Guest blog by Generation Green

Generation Green is an education programme run by British Gas for school children aged 7 -14. Teaching resources have been created by educational specialists for KS2 and 3 pupils to inspire and engage pupils to become energy aware.

Guest Blog by Brian Moses

'What are We Fighting For? - New Poems About War, came about because Roger Stevens and I had a meeting at Macmillan with our editor, Gaby Morgan. We were talking about the WW1 anniversary and about how primary schools would want to mark the event in some way.

By Nigel Paul Morgan, Fiction Author


A crazy, Harley-Davidson riding headmistress, a scruffy, mischievous pooch, twins, Jenny and Jimmy and their teacher, Mr Freddy Frost … these are some of the main characters living in the sleepy little village of Barrowmarsh-in-the-Marshes.When the village football team, Barrowmarsh Thursdays, are drawn against the mighty United, Premier League and European champions in the third round of the FA Cup everyone predicts an absolute massacre. But the antics of Teabag, a scruffy little dog, ensure that the match goes down as the greatest result in the history of the Cup.

A UK wide fun & engaging oral health programme for 5-7 year which
brings positive oral health messages to children and their parents.